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    Shai's Introduction


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    Shai's Introduction

    Post by Shai on Sat Dec 18, 2010 9:53 pm


    How I'd love to say that I'm looking forward to this forum, all I can say is -> I'm Back! D<

    My actual account used to be 'Shy', but since I'm a retard and thus lost the password and probably deleted the e-mail connected to it, I made a new one.

    I never made an introduction on 'Shy' since there wasn't actually anyone on the forum.

    So, I decided to be kind for a change and thus making this introduction.

    You can call me Shai~
    I'm an anime fan, which is probably obvious.
    I live in The Netherlands and wander this earth for 16 years now. (Actually I wander nothing more then my room). I'm a girl btw, if you haven't figured yet.

    My hobbies are watching anime, reading manga, reading fanfiction, writing fanfiction, gaming, chatting, dancing and probably more things.

    Even though I said my hobby is dancing, I barely do it now 'cause of some body syndrome. To put it simple, my body aches all day long and makes me unable to do any kind of sports (at least not for long) and at the worst moments, unable me to even walk. So all I do is actually being a lazy b*stard and sit behind my laptop which got issues every now and then. Don't worry, I do something useful at times too.

    I'm also HSP (High Sensitive Person), so if more are, I'd love to talk with you. Simply out of interests.

    Let's get more to the topic now I guess, since this is an anime forum. I can't really say which anime I like 'cause I constanly watch new ones so it only increases. Though my most favorite would be Naruto and Bleach, but that's with most people. My favorite genre's are Action, Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts, Shounen, Supernatural, Shoujo Ai, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction and I think I called all genre's that there are by now...

    I love music~ But who doesn't?
    My favorite genre's are Trance, Techno, Rave, Dance, Kpop, Jpop, Cpop, Japanese, Metal (almost all kinds), Musicbox sounds, OSTs and anything in those categories I guess.

    I don't think I got anything else so say, I don't even get why I bothered writing this. Oh right, to be kind. Probably didn't work anyway.

    If you got any questions (which I doubt) you can go ahead and ask~

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