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      [J-M] Crows Zero 2


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      [J-M] Crows Zero 2

      Post by Kirisika on Wed Nov 03, 2010 2:14 pm

      Genre: Violence/Comedy/Action/Drama

      Plot: Several months after "Crows: Episode 0" trouble brews again when thugs known as "The Army of Killers" from rival high school Hosen Academy threaten Suzuran High aka the School of Crows.

      The ruthless Hosen gang go after Suzuran alumni Sho Kawanishi (Shinnosuke Abe) after his released from reformatory for killing a Hosen member two years back. Kawanishi turns to his younger Suzuran gang members for protection. The Housen gang then seeks out right revenge on the entire Suzuran school, while in-fighting at Suzuran High makes them even more susceptible to the Housen threat.

      *INFO: AsianMediaWiki

      Crows Zero 2 (NON SUB) -> VLK9RT70
      Crows Zero 2 (ENG SUB) -> TOBDSDJY

      Disorder | Rating
      Paranoid: Very High
      Schizoid: Moderate
      Schizotypal: High
      Antisocial: Low
      Borderline: Very High
      Histrionic: High
      Narcissistic: High
      Avoidant: Very High
      Dependent: High
      Obsessive-Compulsive: High

      URL of the test:

      Rika Furude O_O

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