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    K-ON! anime


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    K-ON! anime

    Post by IzunaSempai on Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:04 pm

    K-ON !

    This is one of the best anime of this season.I wanted to organize some links for ppl to experiance its greatness. There are wonderful 99MB mkv files directly by chihiro in great Q, I recomend it. Also there are .mp4 , normal .mkv and .Xvid soon ^^ .so why are you waiting go and try it.

    This anime is an adapted from K-ON! manga

    Alternative title: けいおん! (Japanese)

    Genres: comedy, slice of life
    Themes: bishoujo, moe, music, school
    Plot Summary: It's Yui Hirasawa's first year in high school, and she's eagerly searching for a club to join. At the same time, Ritsu Tainaka, a drummer, and her friend Mio Akiyama, a bass player, are desperately trying to save the school's light music club, which is about to be disbanded due to lack of members. They manage to recruit Tsumugi Kotobuki to play the keyboard, meaning they only need one more member to get the club running again. Yui joins, thinking it will be an easy experience for her to play the castanets, the only instrument she knows. However, the other members think their new addition is actually a guitar prodigy.

    Running time: 24 minutes per episode
    Number of episodes: 13

    - Taken from ANN -

    Subbing group - Chihiro
    File Type - .mkv
    Encode Quality - 640x480 H.264 AAC ( tested and Q is great )
    File Size - ~99 MB
    Hosts - MU and MF ( updated very very soon )

    Op ( kagayate girls ) -
    MU v2(with Azu~Nyaan) -
    Ed ( dont say Lazy ) -

    Episode 01 -
    Episode 02 -
    Episode 03 -
    Episode 04 -
    Episode 05 -
    Episode 06 -
    Episode 07 -
    Episode 08 -
    Episode 09 -
    Episode 10 -
    Episode 11 -
    Episode 12 -
    Episode 13 -

    Note :- If you want to have the HD version or Wide Screen Version Torrents pls visit
    Also Chihiro will be releasing K-ON! in Blue Ray after they release all WS Episodes ;)

    Note : If you prefer Torrent file for .mkv/.xvid pls visit or

    All MU and MF links are my own uploads
    HF and ZOMG links are only found by me credit to the uploader
    thanks a billion for CG to the DDLs ( on their home page )

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    Re: K-ON! anime

    Post by Kirisika on Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:47 am

    K-On! B-Side Theater Uraon ->
    K-ON! Special 1 ->

    Disorder | Rating
    Paranoid: Very High
    Schizoid: Moderate
    Schizotypal: High
    Antisocial: Low
    Borderline: Very High
    Histrionic: High
    Narcissistic: High
    Avoidant: Very High
    Dependent: High
    Obsessive-Compulsive: High

    URL of the test:

    Rika Furude O_O

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