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    Rules on making a new Fanclub (FC)


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    Rules on making a new Fanclub (FC)

    Post by Kirisika on Thu May 07, 2009 10:32 pm

    Rules on making a new fanclub:

    -You need to be able to update your start post regularly
    -Update when they are new releases (keep posting on ur fc Dx)

    This should be in your first start post

    -> Readable summary with pictures (Not to long)
    -> Latest episode torrent/direct download (if all the episode have been released then putting a batch on the download forum would be nice =p)
    -> List of reviews (You can post them in our ''Review Section'')
    -> Screenshots (SS) Optional >.>
    -> Fanclub logo ofcourse xD
    -> Fanclus userbar/banner ^-^

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